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IHC Dental Insurance by Standard Security Life Insurance Company of NY or Madison National offers you access to high quality affordable dental insurance coverage for individuals and families. Choose from three plan options: Apex, Bay and Ridge. You can use any dentist with the PPO and Indemnity options. Network discounts are available when using a Aetna PPO network provider. The IHC Dental Insurance plans also has a Orthodontics discount option available in many states.

PPO Network Options and the freedom to use your own dentist

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IHC Dental Insurance Options

IHC Dental Insurance Plan Options

Each plan option pays a percentage of your cost for Preventative, Diagnostic, Basic and Major services based on the chart below. Waiting Periods for different classes of procedures are listed based on the plan option. When you run a quote, the options available in your area will be shown.

Plan Name Apex Bay Ridge
Waiting Periods      
Preventative No Waiting Period No Waiting Period No Waiting Period
Diagnostic 6 Months No Waiting Period No Waiting Period
Basic 6 Months 6 months 3 Months
Major 12 Months Not Covered 15 Months
Plan Pays      
Preventative Pays 100% Pays 100% Pays 80%
Diagnostic Pays 80% after 6 month waiting period Pays 100%, no waiting period. Pays 100%, no waiting period
Basic Services Pays 80% after 6 month waiting period Pays 50% after 6 month waiting period Pays 40% after 3 month waiting period
Major Services Pays 50% after 12 month waiting period Not Covered Pays 20% after 15 month waiting period
Office Co-pay None None None
Deductible $50 Calendar Year $50 Calendar Year $100 Life Time*
$1,000 per Person $1.000 per Person Year 1: $500 / Person
Year 2: $750 / Person
Year 3: $1,000 / Person
Dentists Click for PPO Providers Click for PPO Providers Use Any Dentist


Preventative and Diagnostic

Preventative Care

-- Routine oral exams – limited to one per six months
-- Prophylaxis (the cleaning and scaling of teeth) limited to one per six months
-- Topical application of fluoride – for dependent children under age 16; limited to one per calendar year (not applicable in all states)


Diagnostic Care
-- Intra-oral occlusal film
-- Bitewing X-rays (up to a set of four) – limited to one per calendar year
-- Full-mouth X-rays (panoramic film or full series) – no less than 36 months apart

Basic Procedures

Basic care
-- Simple extraction
-- Pin retention – per tooth, in addition to restorations
-- Fillings (restorations)
-- Amalgam restorations
-- Composite restorations – limited to anterior teeth and bicuspids
-- Sedative fillings
-- Maintenance prosthodontics
– Denture repairs/adjustments
– Denture rebase – no less than 24 months apart
– Denture reline – no less than 24 months apart

MAJOR Procedures

Major care
-- Endodontic treatment
-- Periodontic services
-- Inlays, onlays and crowns
-- Prosthetic services (dentures or bridges)
-- Oral surgery


IHC Dental Insurance Information

Optional Orthodontia Discounts
OrthoCare is an optional discount program that may provide savings of 15–20 percent on services performed by a contracted OrthoCare orthodontist.


The OrthoCare Program is not an insurance benefit,
nor is it affiliated with Madison National Life or Standard Security Life as a part of the IHC Dental insurance plan.
The OrthoCare Program is not available in all states.


IHC Dental is available to applicants age 18 and older, their spouse and dependent children under the age of 26. The primary insured must be a member of Communicating for America, and all family members must be residents of the United States in order to be covered.


Effective date
The plan will be effective the first month of the month following request for coverage, or a future selected effective date not more than 60 days following enrollment.


Covered charges
Expenses must be medically necessary and incurred by a covered person while the plan is inforce. A covered procedure must be performed by a licensed dentist acting within the scope of her or his license, a licensed physician performing dental services within the scope of her or his license, or a licensed dental hygienist acting under the supervision and direction of a dentist.

The IHC Group
For over three decades member companies of The IHC Group have built a reputation of commitment to the markets they serve. With more than one million customers nationwide, The IHC Group’s focus is to be an innovative partner to small businesses, individuals and families.


IHC Dental Insurance


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Aetna Dental Network

The Apex and Bay PPO dental insurance options use the Aetna Dental Access® / Aetna Administrators® Aetna networks. Click on the Aetna logo to search for network providers.


Yes, you have the freedom to keep your dentist. The Apex and Bay options are PPO network plans. A PPO network allows you to use a network or non network dentist.


With the Apex and Bay options, if you use a out of network dentist, you might have additional expenses out of pocket.


The Ridge option does not use a network and you can use any dentist with this option.

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. The


The dentists that are in the network are contracted with the network and charge according to a discount fee schedule. This will provide you with lower amounts out of pocket.


If you use a dentist that is not in the PPO network, the insurance company will pay just like you are using a network dentist. If the dentist charges more, you may have more out of pocket.

Yes, you can have more than one dental plan. The insurance companies will coordinate benefits to make sure that the two plans combined are not paying the dentist more than the procedure charge.


You can also use a second plan to pick up when the other plan reaches it's annual maximum


If you have a discount dental plan, you can use use it with the Choice Network option. If using the Network option, the discount plan can only be used if your dentist is outside of the PPO network.


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